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Renters Insurance Doylestown PAIt took some time, but you finally found the perfect apartment. You are ready, excited and eager to sign the lease and settle in. Before you do, we at Steely and Smith want you to hold back just a bit and run a few simple checks before being 100 percent vested in the apartment. Here is a list of recommendations we have for you as you check into your new place.

You will need your camera ready to snap pictures of any problems you may see in the place. Make notes so your landlord will know about them as well. You will also want to check door widths, after all if your stuff will not fit, it will not do you any good.

Now, let’s check out the list of items you should check into as you do your initial walkthrough.

Rodent infestation – Check for droppings and chew marks. The baseboards and edges are important.
Have your charger handy – You want to check each and every outlet in the entire room.
Cable outlets – All should work in every room.

Safety checks

Alarms – Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be working and in the correct locations. There are fire extinguishers and are in code.
Fire escape plan – One is posted, and you know where to go.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows – Open and close properly.
Locks – All locks work correctly; you have a key for each lock.
Windows – Screens, if there are any, are in good shape.


Toilets – All flush; check interior parts.
Faucets – Run correctly and no leaks.
Shower heads – Work right and no spewing water.
Hot water – Heats appropriately and in good time.


Appliances – All function correctly.
Stove and oven – All burners work, oven heats up.
Refrigerator – Is good and cold.
Flooring – No scuff marks, cuts and tears.
Cupboards – Open and close all; don’t forget drawers.

Living areas

Lights – Test all.
HVAC – Check heat and A/C. No weird noises.
Blinds – Open and close all.

Should you find any problems or issues you don’t think is up to snuff, discuss with the landlord and have them agree to fix, in writing, before you sign off on the lease agreement. Once you do, be sure to contact Steely and Smith for the best in renter’s insurance to protect you and your new place. Best of luck to you!

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