Life Insurance: Protecting your family for the future

More than 60 percent of widows plan funerals. According to the Census Bureau, 80 percent of wives outlive their husbands. Social Security pays… 0

Worst Case Scenarios Need Best Resolutions

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Chances are you have spent days, weeks and possibly months coming up with everything down to its absolute… 0

What Should My Homeowners Insurance Include?

Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? The good news is that when it does,… 0

Why Is Business Vehicle Insurance Important for Your Business?

At Steely & Smith, we have developed a high level of expertise in business insurance so that we can help businesses be sure they… 0

5 Things to Avoid Driving in the Winter

The winter in Pennsylvania can be rough on vehicles and drivers. New, inexperienced drivers in particular are susceptible to accidents, and the ice… 0

Snowmobile Safety Tips

Winter is here and before you know it, snow will be falling throughout Pennsylvania. Snowmobile enthusiasts are tuning up their snowmobiles and looking… 0

How Often Should You Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Many homeowners only review their homeowner insurance policy when they initially put it into place. Madelyn Flannagan, vice president for education and research… 0

2016 Election Countdown Clock

The 2016 Election is only days away. Browser not supported. Visit

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Protect Me Against Lawsuits?

According to 360 Financial Literacy, “typical homeowners insurance provides limited coverage for personal injuries or property damage to others for which you or… 0

Car Insurance Myths – All Insurance Agents are the Same

All insurance agents are the same….Not so. Do you know the difference between “Captive Agents” and “Independent Agents.” A Captive Agent works for… 0

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