Homeowners Insurance

Every homeowner who has a mortgage is required by their mortgage company to have homeowner’s insurance – and for good reason. Homeowners insurance Doylestown protects the homeowner (and mortgage company) Insurance homeowners Doylestownagainst losses that can be caused by fire, lightning, explosions, smoke vandalism and wind damage. In addition, it can protect the homeowner from liability if someone is harmed on the property or as the result of the homeowner’s actions. Homeowner’s insurance can also reimburse a homeowner’s living expenses for a period of time if a home is uninhabitable while covered repairs are being made to a home.

Homeowners Insurance Doylestown PA

Homeowners insurance generally covers unexpected or accidental damage to the dwelling, fixtures in the home, such as the furnace, other structures on the property such as a garage, and personal possessions.

These are the basics of homeowners coverage that most people think about, but there are many other risks that homeowners should make sure are covered by their policy. What about:

  • Sump pump backups that could damage your basement?button
  • Damage to your computer or specialized electronics in your home?
  • Jewelry that could be lost or stolen?
  • Artwork that has appreciated over the years?
  • Dogs that could unexpectedly bite a guest in your home?
  • Mold that grows unseen due to undetected water leaks?
  • Business conducted from your home?

In addition, there are other insurance questions that many people don’t consider, such as:

  • How much should your home be insured for in the event it is completely destroyed in a fire?
  • What deductible is best for my circumstances?
  • Am I paying too much for my homeowner’s insurance and are there ways I can get discounts on my homeowner’s insurance?
  • Is my child covered while away at college?
  • Does my homeowner’s insurance protect me against lawsuits?

At Steely & Smith, we work with customers every day to answer their insurance questions and help them find the best insurance to meet their needs. Because of our many years of experience, there are questions you may never have thought of. We’ll be happy to review your homeowners insurance and help you find the best products and the best rates available for you.

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