Tips for Towing a Trailer

Tips for Towing a TrailerAre you looking to use a trailer to haul your toys and equipment, such as a boat, ATV, UTV, motorcycle or lawn mower?

There are several important factors to keep in mind when using a towing a trailer:

  • Know your GSWR rating
    • GSWR = Gross Trailer Weight Rating
    • This information is in your owner’s manual for the vehicle and trailer
    • GSWR is the TOTAL weight your vehicle and trailer can safely tow
    • Towing over the recommended GSWR can be dangerous and even deadly
  • Inspect these items regularly – before, during and after the trip
    • Tires – tread, inflation, and lug nuts
    • Lights –blinkers, running, brakes and reverse lighting work correctly
    • Brakes – both on the TV (towing vehicle) and trailer
    • Tags and registration are current – in most states tags and registration are required for trailers
    • Hitch & Tow equipment – are these items connected correctly to your TV
  • Secure contents before, during and after the trip
    • Do you need?
      • Tarps to cover your contents on your trailer
      • Tie-downs
      • Wheel chucks to prevent rolling and shifting
      • Is the weight properly distributed?
  • Learn how to back up & park your trailer before embarking on a trip
    • Practicing in an empty parking lot can help you learn how to turn the wheels correctly

The most important thing to remember when towing a trailer is safety first and slow and steady wins the race!!

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Note: This information is general in nature and should not be construed as professional insurance advice. You should work with your insurance agent to determine what will work best for your situation.




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