Think Fast – What You Should Do After An Accident

What You Should Do After An AccidentToday started out like a typical work day. Traffic was flowing well on your morning commute, and out of left field, a car side swiped as you were changing lanes. Now what?!

Today, we are going to help you think fast by sharing a few tips that can help you think clearly after an accident has occurred.

According to the law firm of Ury & Moskow, LLC, they suggest some  things to keep in mind:

  • STOP – Do NOT leave the scene of the accident
  • Secure the accident scene – use flashers or flares to help alert other drivers of the crash
  • Call 911– inform the police and request an ambulance if needed
  • Make sure all drivers and passengers are accounted for
  • Do not move an injured person and remember that not all injuries are visible at the accident scene, such as internal bleeding
  • Take pictures– of all the details, even the small details – these will be helpful in the future. Make sure to get them printed
  • Take detailed notes – draw out the accident scene, note time of day the accident occurred, street names, and location markers
  • Get contact and insurance info – on all of the drivers and passengers.
  • Report the accident– as soon as you can report the accident to your insurance company
  • Seek medical attention if needed – again remember that some medical issues don’t show up quickly after an accident
  • Start a file – keep all documentation and pictures regarding the crash in an easy to access folder
  • Seek legal representation if needed

At Steely & Smith, we won’t just hand you off to an anonymous person. You can depend on us to work with you to answer your questions and help you file your accident claim.

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