Ride a Motorcycle? Make Sure It’s Ready to Ride With These Great Tips

Insurance Agency Doylestown PAMotorcycle riders know when the warm weather returns it is riding season. Before you jump on your ride and take off into the sunset, we at Steely and Smith want to give you a few suggestions on making sure your bike is ride ready.


Inspect your tires. It should go without saying what to look for. Check for nails, cracks and bubbles. Uneven wear means the tire pressure is low. Any concerns should be checked over by a professional tire service technician.


Should this break or snap, you are stranded. Look for spots of concern, fraying or anything that appears out of the ordinary. Be sure the tension is appropriate.


YouTube is a wonderful thing. Spark plugs on cycles are notoriously hard to find. Checking your plug for any signs of wear, corrosion or fouling is easy. It is also a good idea to keep a spare plug or two in the saddle bags along with a spark plug socket wrench. A few dollars spent can save you lots of trouble down the road.


If your bike has set all winter, it is likely that your battery could use a charge. Charge it up on a trickle charge. Check your fluid levels before you do. Always err on the side of safety.


Good air flow means proper efficiency and clean running. Dirty filters can cause serious damage to your bike if not changed or cleaned regularly. It only takes a second to do either.


Everyone knows to check oil and brake fluids, but a gentle reminder never hurts. Low oil can ruin a motorcycle and your day quickly. Brake fluid can stain and damage paint, so use caution when pouring.


Drums and rotors for bikes are not cheap. Pads are cheap. You decide what is best. Keep an eye on wear. If you are not sure when they need changing, take it to a mechanic.


Lights keep riders safe and alive. Always check your lights in a pre-ride inspection.


“Dress for the slide not the ride.” This is a mantra among riders. It may sound morbid, but it can be the difference between a ride to the ER and a walk to the nearest garage. Leather should be in good shape, cleaned and conditioned throughout the year. Helmets should have no dings, scratches or the like.

Ride safe, and let us at Steely and Smith Insurance services help keep your ride insured for a long time.

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