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Judy and I would like to thank everyone involved with our claim. Robin and company were right on top of things and everything was handled above and beyond. Having never been through a major claim we really didn’t know what to expect. Thank you for taking care of everything and making this as easy as possible. ~ Ronald and Judy

Stephen K.

Ascena Retail
October 15, 2013

5/5 stars

In late August 2013 I was in the market to purchase a new pickup truck with specialized equipment. I contacted my insurance company and was informed that they would not write a policy for the truck. I researched all the major companies and received the same answer. My research led me to Steely & Smith of Doylestown, Pa.

I had the extreme pleasure to work with an agent, Kathleen Grace. Kathleen was extremely attentive to my dilemma. She took the time to understand my insurance needs and then went to work shopping several companies to afford me the best insurance value to fit my personalized requirements. Kathleen exhibited an excellent knowledge of her craft. Her years of experience and due diligence paid off with shockingly competitive results. Kathleen delivered excellent customer service by answering all my questions & inquiries in an expedited manner via telephone and/ or email. On the rare occasion that Kathleen was not available, one of the other agents in the firm was always eager to help.

I finally decide to purchase my insurance with Westfield Insurance Company. Westfield had the accredited accolades of being a financially “A” rated company, which was extremely satisfying to know. Their product is simply amazing. I had the same great coverage that I demanded, but with 36 additional add-ons at no additional charge. Other companies would have added special riders for firearms, jewelry, silver, watercraft and trailers etc. Customizations to my truck were included at no additional charge.

Steely & Smith has a very informative and well-designed website. They provide links to state websites, explain in easy to understand terms all those confusing insurance jargon, such as stacking, tort options, and extraordinary medical benefits etc., there- by empowering us to become educated consumers which enables them to partner with their clients.

In summation I enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an outstanding, knowledgeable, and personable agent as Kathleen, other associates at Steely & Smith and the outstanding value and awesome price saving by insuring with Westfield. I have recommended your company & Kathleen since August, and look forward to years of a satisfied partnership.

Personal Insurance
Richard H.

October 10, 2013

5/5 stars

Steely & Smith truly exemplifies the value of a personal insurance agent in today’s impersonal times. I am able to work with someone I trust who understands my needs. Agents; Kathleen and Denise have always impressed me with their excellent attitude. They have been particularly impressive with their diligent searching for the right coverage with a company that has both integrity and a lower price. In addition, they have always been a steady resource guiding me through any difficult situation which may arise.

Steely & Smith, I thank you for over eighteen years of excellent service.

Business Insurance
Charles S.

Empire Fitness Services, Inc.
September 9, 2013

5/5 stars

For over ten years Empire Fitness Services has been utilizing the services of Steely & Smith for all of our business insurance needs including general liability, automobile and workers compensation coverage. Throughout that time I have found the entire staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and willing to take time to answer any questions that arose about our insurance and not just at the times of renewal. I was so satisfied with their outstanding service and competitive pricing that several years ago I also transferred my personal auto and homeowner’s insurance to Steeley & Smith.

Simply put, they do a great job!

Business Insurance
Bob B.

Chal-Brit Regional EMS
August 25, 2013

5/5 stars

We have been insured through Steeley and Smith from the beginning of our incorporation in 2007. Prior to that, Steeley and Smith insured us through our fire company affiliation.

What has always impressed me about Steeley and Smith is they don’t just sell you insurance. They truly service what they sell. Whether it is a question about coverage, claims, education about your policies or advice about how to mitigate situations, you can always depend on them. They have always been there to educate, guide and direct us.

Business Insurance
Amy Y.

Wonderware North
August 14, 2013

5/5 stars

We’ve had a long standing partnership with Steely and Smith and they never disappoint! Robin and her team are knowledgeable, courteous and responsive. They provide us with the best possible service, access to top notch insurance carriers with competitive rates and honest with recommendations. They have a wealth of information available to them and are a tremendous resource to us for related business concerns. Working closely with Steely and Smith provides peace of mind that our businesses, assets and property are secure.

Business Insurance
Kathy W.

Kathy’s Just Desserts
July 18, 2013

5/5 stars

Last November, I had a fire in my oven. I was so scared, I thought I was in shock! After the firemen left, I sat in my house, clueless about what was next. I called Robin Fetterolf and left a message, not expecting to hear back until morning. I received a prompt call back, where Robin knew just what to do. She told me not to worry and with little effort on my part, my house was quickly restored. Even looking better than before the fire! Robin put me in touch with the contractors who would clean the house, drapes, furniture, carpeting and dry clean my clothes. My house was sparkling within weeks! She told me to go ahead and get a replacement oven, which was installed two days later. Although I would never wish a fire on anyone, I made the right choice in going to Steely and Smith for my insurance needs.

Ron N.

July 10, 2013

5/5 stars

Kathleen Grace has been extremely responsive to our insurance needs for home, auto, and renters policies. Not only does she respond immediately to our e-mails, but she has also passed on policy discounts when applicable to save us thousands of dollars in premiums. I would definitely recommend Steely and Smith to our friends!

Jim B.

Brassard & Associates, LLC
June 20, 2013

5/5 stars

We have been a client of Steely and Smith for more than 10 years now and have experienced exceptional service, advice, and savings from their products and staff. There are many things that some agents claim they can provide, but at the end of the day there are few that can deliver not only great service, but cost saving advice and planning for your future. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a boat, starting a business, or getting that vacation house, their advice as to the types of coverage you should be thinking about, and the costs that accompany that help in our planning.

The other outstanding items about their agency is they are an independent property and casualty agency. This allows them flexibility of products and companies they represent in your behalf that can not only lead to savings in some case but flexibility in coverage as well. I like dealing with Steely and Smith because with them “it’s not one size fits all “they tailor their programs to fit your needs and in today’s world that’s important. Steely and Smith’s staff of Robin, Denise, Kathleen and Jeff are second to none, our calls and questions are always returned and answered in a timely manner by a friendly voice.

Personal and Business Insurance
John S.

May 15, 2013

5/5 stars

My personal coverage and also my Real Estate office have had continued Insurance policies thru your office for at least 30 Years now. Liability and Fire coverage for my office and my personal accounts consist of two separate Homeowners and also auto insurance policies covering my three cars. Your staff is quite exceptional. Always helpful and very knowledgeable in answering any questions I have had. I have referred clients to your firm in the past and will continue to do so as I know you will offer the same personal service to them too.

Business Insurance
Scott V

April 14, 2013

5/5 stars

Working with Steely and Smith was easy. I told them what I thought I needed and they provided me with additional guidance and multiple options. They were always available to answer questions and provide assistance as things came up not matter how minor.

Business Insurance
William M

Computer Software, Inc.
March 18, 2013

5/5 stars

Working with you and your staff over the past two years has been a great experience. Your ability to understand our business and recommend appropriate insurance options has been phenomenal. I truly value your knowledge of the industry and genuinely appreciate your quick response to our questions. I am confident that your recommendations have reduced our liability and financial exposure, in the event of a claim. I believe choosing Steely and Smith as our insurance agency has been a great investment in our company’s future. Thank you for your direction and support.

Business Insurance
Janice C

February 10, 2013

5/5 stars

Our recent Hurricane Sandy storm damage claim was handled with patience and follow-up. Though I am sure your office was inundated with many calls from many clients, you took the time to explain precisely what I needed to do, what would be covered and time-line of reimbursement. I would recommend to everyone your services. Also the staff is caring, personal and professional on every telephone call.

Business Insurance
C Oktem

January 5, 2013

5/5 stars

Robin and her team were able to get us the coverage we needed, which was not easy for a technical, software company. She worked diligently to find the right solution at the right price, and we were impressed by her willingness to go above and beyond. The care and attention to detail we received as a small company was really appreciated.

Homeowners Insurnace

Furlong, PA
November 15, 2012

5/5 stars

We have been a Westfield customer since 2006. During “Superstorm” Sandy, on October 29, 2012 our area experienced a sustained period of 75-80 MPH winds for 5-10 minutes. Once the storm ceased, we noticed roofing shingles blew off our 11 year old roof.

As a volunteer fire chief in the area, I was busy for days answering emergency calls in the area and barely had the time to secure my own roof against further water damage. We notified our agent the following morning and within a week (a number of homes in our area were out of power for a week) an adjuster from Westfield’s Catastrophe Team from the Chicago area was at our door to survey the damage. Within approximately two hours, he documented the damage and issued a check to replace the back half of our roof. Upon further discussion and getting pricing from roofers, the adjuster determined the shingles were builder-grade and couldn’t be matched. They authorized the entire roof would need to be replaced.

Fortunately, we had “replacement-value” insurance and the entire cost of the new roof was covered, less the deductible. The adjuster worked with the local roofer to agree on the contract for the replacement, which went smoothly.

When I originally noticed the damage to our roof, my heart sank as I anticipated many hassles with the repairs, but Westfield made the process as painless as possible. We appreciate the effort that our claims adjuster; John Mundt put forth to make this happen and allow us to continue our lives and focus our efforts in helping others that suffered a much greater loss.

Albert D.

DePalantino & Company CPAs
October 1, 2012

5/5 stars

I have worked with Robin at Steely and Smith for over 5 years. She is the only insurance agent I recommend for business and personal insurances. I use Steely and Smith for my own insurance and my clients are always thanking me for the referral. Her knowledge of the products combined with pricing is unbeatable.

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