Fourth of July Safety Tips

Welcome to July!  The summer season is in full swing, kids are engrossed in summertime activities, and the Fourth of July is around the corner.

The Fourth means celebrations, cookouts and fireworks.  All three are American traditions, and chances are you have already bought your fireworks in preparation for the big day.  It is an exciting time, particularly for the kids who love the sights and sometimes the sounds of fireworks going off in the air.4th of july safety tips

Before you get started on your good times, your friends at Steely and Smith want you to temper your fireworks fun with an ample amount of healthy safety.  After all, there is no fun in visiting the ER or having the fire department show up at your home.

Before we get into the real recommendations, there is one important one we want to share.  Be sure to buy your fireworks from a reputable source.  Buying fireworks out of the back of a trunk or without proper packaging can lead to some serious injuries.  If you are thinking about creating your own fireworks from watching videos online or similar, don’t.  Your local ER will thank you.

Here are the rest of the best recommendations we have for a safe and memorable Fourth of July.

  • Keep it outdoors – This should go without saying, but there are some who will think to test fireworks inside. Please don’t do this.
  • Follow all directions on the package – The directions are there to minimize risks to you as much as possible. Use them for maximum fun with minimal risk.
  • Watch the kids – Kids love fireworks, but they need to stay back well away from the actual lighting and action of the fireworks.
  • Adults only – No children should be allowed to light fireworks under any circumstances. Even kid friendly fireworks, like sparklers, should only be lit by an adult.
  • Keep water handy – A hose or bucket of water to saturate each firework after they are finished with their fanfare. This is the only way to be 100 percent certain you can dispose of them properly.
  • Clothes – Some clothes will catch fire quickly and without warning. Be sure your loose fitting clothing is away from the fuse, lighting and from the firework itself.
  • Get back – Light the firework and back up. These are human inventions, and mistakes can happen.  What you may think is a dud firework may not actually have lit yet.  Do not take chances with your safety.
  • Point them away from people – This is another silly sounding recommendation, but it is one that should be taken seriously. No one wants an ER visit on what should be a very happy day.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to have a good time.  We at Steely and Smith want you to have a good time as well.  If you have insurance needs, questions or are looking for a new policy, contact us at the website, call or stop by.  We look forward to being your partner in your insurance needs.

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