Contractors and Environmental Firms: The Importance of Being Insured

The Importance of Being InsuredContractors and environmental firms often work on structures and properties of tremendous value and perform services that are riskier than most businesses; this is why contractors and environmental insurance is a must!

Responsible contractors and environmental professionals take great care in how they approach their work, but what if unforeseen circumstances create a liability that leaves them financially responsible for making things right? Our experts at Steely & Smith can help ensure that your company will be protected when disaster strikes.

According to the Balance, there are many benefits to having construction insurance:

  • It can protect your entire business when whole or individual claims are made against your company
  • It will help guard you against property damage or injury that you or your subcontractors created
  • Customers feel at ease when they know you are covered in case of an accident or issues occur
  • In the event you are sued, insurance can help cover court cost
  • It can help recover fees after the court has made a decision in your case
  • If one of your employees or subcontractors become injured on the job site, it may cover them as well

The NAESIP, the National Alliance of Environmental Specialists Insurance Program, provides a full range of environmental insurance administration, claims management, and risk control services specific to the needs of the environmental construction industry.

Having environmental insurance can be helpful in many different areas such as site-specific areas, job sites, dangerous transportation, pollution products and tanks that contain hazardous materials.

Through our many years of experience in business, Steely & Smith has been able to help many contractors and environmental firms get the insurance coverage they need. Contact us today!

Note: This information is general in nature and should not be construed as professional insurance advice. You should work with your insurance agent to determine what will work best for your situation.



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