5 Moving Tips for an Easier Move

Insurance Needs Doylestown PAThe day is fast approaching, and before long you will be out of one place and into a new. The only thing standing between you and your new location is packing. Yes; no one wants to do the hard work of packing and getting everything in order for moving, but it is a necessary evil. We at Steely and Smith want you to know we have your insurance needs covered when you are ready to move, but we also want to help you with some moving tips. Here are five tried and tested tips to help to make your move much less of a pain.

1. Take inventory – With everything you have going on, inventory may seem silly and redundant. A quick list will help you find what you need in case something goes missing or you are storing certain items along the way.

2. Plan your packing and label – Once inventoried; group your belongings into manageable amounts. This will speed up unpacking and help you with a plan for what will go where. An added tip – pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in heavier boxes. This will keep you from potentially hurting yourself from lifting or moving things in and around the new place. Once you have filled a box, label it clearly with the contents and not just the name of the location. Label “Pots and Pans” not just “Kitchen.”

3. Be ready before you need to start – Boxes and tape for sure. Everyone knows this, but finding boxes, packing peanuts and the like are necessary. If you are trying to stay on a budget, wrap your fragile items in clothes – this will help double your space and cut your box number significantly.

4. One at a time – Set aside time, daily, to pack. Turn on the music on your phone and work in one area at a time. Pack only this area. If you want to start in a major area, pack the non-essentials first. In the kitchen, for example, pack the larger pots and pans, most of the dishes and glasses. You can pack the last little bit before you leave.

5. Cut some things loose – You are moving. Now is the perfect time to get rid of some of the things you barely use. If you are moving to a significantly new location with a different climate, it may make sense to get rid of clothes you cannot use in your new place. Donate them to a charity for a nice tax write-off.

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